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Pat’s Exotic Beverages (PEB) is a family owned business founded by Cordelia “Pat” Lindsay in 1999 in the Bronx, NY. Born and raised in Jamaica, West Indies, Pat grew up drinking the fresh juices and teas her grandmother used to make. In time, Pat developed a knack and a passion for creating and making fresh juices and beverages inspired by her grandmother’s recipes, which she then instinctively shared with her friends and family. When faced with a career changing event, Pat took a chance and decided to bring her original recipe juices to market. From its inception, Pat’s Exotic Beverages has sourced the finest ingredients to produce and distribute the best tasting, most authentic Caribbean inspired juices and beverages in the marketplace.


Pat’s Exotic Beverages was built on a foundation of faith, hard work, and commitment to excellence.


Pat’s Exotic Beverages seeks to give every customer an opportunity to experience a refreshing and healthful escape to the tropics by producing and distributing delicious, authentic, super-premium Caribbean inspired juices and beverages. We serve and operate with a mission driven mindset and commitment to excellence, innovation and sustainability.  




Where Can I Purchase
Your Beverages?

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You can purchase our juices and beverage at a variety of stores and restaurants all over the NYC Metropolitan Area. Drop us a line via telephone or email if you would like to find a retail partner, place an order for delivery or pick-up, have any suggestions or would like to see our drinks and beverages featured in a specific store or restaurant.
Are Your Beverages Really Fresh?
ABSOLUTELY!!! Our main priority is to provide our consumers with quality fresh beverages. Our manufacturing procedures are thorough and in compliance with the NYS Department of Agriculture and the US FDA. Although our products contain no preservatives, the beverages which contain milk undergo a rigorous pasteurization process to ensure all drinks arrives to you fresh and safe to consume.
I own a business outside of New York, could you send me product? Yes! We are happy to arrange delivery via UPS.  

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