Life's too short for watered down drinks. you deserve Caribbean goodness delivered fresh to your doorstep.

Escape the ordinary

With just one sip of Pat's authentic carribbean juices.


(Bundles are counted as (6) beverages.)

Insulated packaging with ice packs to ensure freshness and safe-keeping. 

Why Customers Choose Pat's:


“These juices remind me of life back home in Guyana when my grandmother used to make soursop and other fresh juices.”

Satisfied Customer
Brooklyn, NY

“These juices are really authentic. You can taste the carrots in Caribbean Carrot punch and the peanuts in the Peanut Punch.”

Satisfied Customer
Queens, NY

“I drink the Peanut Punch as a meal replacement and protein smoothie. I love the taste and appreciate the opportunity to order it with sugar alternatives.”

Satisfied Customer
Long Island, NY

“Fabulous refreshing products and very courteous staff.”

New York, NY

“I googled u guys just to say "wow" that Carrot-Beet is crack on a bottle. Thanks”

Green Tools

“Authentic all natural juices . My favorite juice is the Jamaican Cherry & Pineapple . Omg reminds me of picking cherries right off my tree In Jamaica. So yummy I am so lucky to get mine here in NJ . At Tropical Delight.”


Tried the Peanut Punch at my local Roti Shop and WOWWW!!! This is probably one of the best Peanut Punches I have ever had!!! All natural ingredients and no preservatives, life can't get any betta than thisss!!! There is even some peanut pieces in the drink, exactly like how Mom & Grandma used to make it. Folks, you gotta try these drinks, because they're delicious.

Rolan A
Local Customer

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Los Angeles, CA