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Pat's Exotic Beverages

Pat’s Exotic Beverages (PEB) is a family-owned business founded in 1999 in the Bronx, NY by Cordelia “Pat” Lindsay. Born and raised in Jamaica, West Indies, Pat grew up drinking the fresh juices and teas her Grandmother made. In time, Pat developed a passion matched by skill for creating and making fresh juices and beverages influenced by her Grandmother’s recipes — initially shared with friends & family. Pat’s entrepreneurial step of faith, launched PEB — delivering the best tasting, most authentic, small-batch, Caribbean-inspired, juices in the marketplace.

PEB offers a unique opportunity to experience a delicious, healthy connection to the culture and food of tropics through its premium juices and beverages. We serve and operate with a mission-driven commitment to culture, family, excellence, innovation and sustainability. 

In All | Made With Love | By Pat