Where does the inspiration for PEB's products come from?

PEB’s Caribbean-inspired juices are freshly and naturally made with a commitment to delivering an authentic taste of the Caribbean inspired by secret family recipes handed down across generations. 

What will I receive in my juice delivery?

The contents of your shipment include the juices and beverages you ordered, insulated packaging and ice packs to ensure freshness and safe-keeping.

Why are my juices frozen? 

Our juices are made fresh with zero preservatives. We ship our juices frozen to ensure freshness and safe-keeping.

When will my items ship?

Our default shipping method is via UPS ground.

Orders are generally shipped within 48 hours of when they are received, Monday-Thursday. 

We ship locally, including NY, NJ, CT, eastern Pennsylvania - Monday - Friday. 

We ship to locations in the Eastern and Central time zones - Monday - Wednesday. 

We ship to locations in the Mountain and Pacifc time zones - Monday.  

Orders received after 5pm on a Thursday will ship the following Monday or Tuesday.

For orders that require Express (overnight delivery), please email or call 718-671-5631.

How do Holidays impact my shipment?

During Holiday periods, shipments may be delayed as our shipping partners shut down.

Please place orders 1 week prior to a Holiday to ensure delivery, as noted above.

Will there be contactless delivery? 

We work with UPS Ground to offer contactless delivery service during this time. UPS may not ring your doorbell when the package arrives: please check your lobby, vestibule or front step.

My juices didn't arrive frozen: Is it okay to drink and/or refreeze it?

Yes: We ship all of our juices frozen. Our packaging is designed to ensure that it is safe within 2-6 days shipping.

Note: When your juices are shipped frozen, it is possible that they may arrive thawed. Thawed juices are safe to refreeze.

How long can I refrigerate/freeze juices?

Please keep your juices refrigerated or frozen at 38 degrees or lower: drink citrus juices within 6 weeks; and nutty-juices and dairy-based juices within 2 weeks of thawing. You can freeze your juices for one year, but quality degrades over time as freezer burn sets-in. 


If you have other questions or other concerns, please contact us directly. 


Howard Lindsay 


Pat’s Exotic Beverages (PEB)

Office: 718-671-5631

Mobile: 646-345-3958